Heart Centered Life Transitions - Getting Into or Out of Marriage…Harmoniously

Your Gifts from Sabra Sasson, Esq. (Value $1000)

Gift #1:  3 Biggest Mistakes Smart People Make When They’re in Love

If you’re in love with an amazing partner, or engaged and ready to make a big commitment – Congratulations! Learn the 3 mistakes smart people make and how to avoid them in just 20 minutes:
How to improve communication around money – the #1 challenge for couples.
How a Prenuptial agreement can actually bolster your relationship.
The best way to approach the subject of Prenups with your partner.


Gift #2:  Mediate Don’t Litigate

If you’re considering divorce, have you considered the options available to you - other than to “lawyer up”? In this discussion, Sabra talks about the choices available that you may not have considered:
During one of the scariest times of your life, what kind of legal advice is best for you?
Is there a way to lessen the emotional burden of divorce for you and your family?
Your options around equitable distribution and child support.
How you can save money and decrease stress using a more holistic approach to divorce.  


Gift #3:  How to Get Divorce in 2 Days Without the Expensive Legal Fees

Divorces are painful, but they don’t have to cost you everything. During this webinar, Sabra teaches you how to avoid the three costliest mistakes people make when divorcing, how to finalize your divorce in only two days, and save tens of thousands of dollars when working with a legal adviser. You’ll be taught a simple 4-step process to get a divorce literally within days. You’ll also have the chance to ask Sabra some of your most pressing questions from the comfort of your own home.

Just click the link below to register, and you’ll get reminders and directions on how to access and participate in the webinar.
So sign up below, get your questions ready, and enjoy the seminar!

During the online seminar you will:
Discover a 4-step process to help you avoid traditional costly divorces and move on with your life.
Learn about the three critical decisions you need to make before going forward with your divorce.
Learn how to prepare the necessary documents in just 2 days saving you time, money, and energy!


Gift #4:  Complimentary 20 Minute Legal Consult

For the first 10 individuals who take advantage of this gift, you will receive a complimentary consult with Sabra in a TLC Discovery Session (TLC = The Loving Contract) or a Divorce Exploration Session. Within 20 minutes you’ll gain clarity on your choices, next steps and exactly how to move forward.

Ask the questions keeping you up at night.
Review your current situation and options going forward.
Create a basic plan to get on with your life.

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Sabra Sasson is the founding member of Sabra Law Group, PLLC, a family law practice in New York City that works with couples and individuals who are transitioning into or out of marriage. After surviving an excruciatingly painful divorce, Sabra discovered her gift and strength in empowering her clients to take charge of the important events in their lives. Her firm has helped hundreds of people transition smoothly into their life’s next chapter.

To learn more about Sabra or the Firm, please visit our website at www.new-york-divorce-mediation.com.